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Friday, May 14, 2010

How Expensive Are Dental Veneers?

One of the big things that need to consider with any dental procedure in Mt. Vernon is what the total investment is going to be. And the question that everyone is asking is how much do porcelain veneers cost. Being that we are in a society that is very visual-based and looks are important, regardless of the cost, many people are willing to pay for improved self esteem.

Let's take a look at the cost of porcelain veneers and figure out how much the procedure costs. The first thing we need to do is to understand that there are different things that will affect the price of your veneer procedure.

The very first consideration is to know how many cosmetic dental veneers you will be getting. The pricing for veneers is by the each. The cost of porcelain veneer is depends on how many veneers are being applied, so discussing with your dentist how many you need to get is the starting point for how much your porcelain veneers will cost.

The type of veneer is also another consideration. There are three types, there is the composite veneer, the porcelain veneer, and lumineers. In general the composite veneer is the least expensive, and the porcelain veneer and lumineers can vary depending on your location. Composite and porcelain veneers are applied using the same procedures, while lumineers use different technology and are usually cheaper.

Cosmetic Dental Veneers: Are They Permanent?

Cosmetic dental veneers are permanent, so you should make sure that they are the right procedure for you. People love veneers because they are both resistant to stains and extremely durable at the same time. Generally, you will not have to undergo any type of modifications for several years and can be performed in about three office visits at your dentist. Porcelain veneers typically will last for many years, and the technique has shown remarkable longevity when properly performed.

The first visits generally consist of the initial consultation; the next two visits will consist of preparing your teeth and cementing the veneers; and the final follow-up visit is optional. At the initial consultation visit, the cosmetic dentist will exam your teeth, take x-ray, and propose the treatment plan. At the "prep" visit, the dentist will prepare each tooth, create a tooth impression, and write the order (prescription) so the dental technician can make the veneer exactly to the designed specifications. Finally, at the "cementation" visit, your dentist will try in the veneers and the bond the veneer to the tooth. After that, for about a week or two, you will go through a period of adjustment as you get used to your "new" teeth that have been changed in size and shape. Brush and floss daily. After one or two weeks, you'll return for a follow-up appointment.

Porcelain veneers are an excellent alternative to crowns in many situations. They provide a much more conservative approach to changing the color, size, or shape of the tooth. Porcelain veneers can hide undesirable defects, such as teeth stained by tetracycline, by an injury, or as a result of a root-canal procedure, and are ideal for masking discolored fillings in front teeth. Patients with spaces between their front teeth or teeth that are chipped or worn may consider porcelain veneers.

Improving Your Smile with Veneers

Now, more than ever, people are wanting to improve their smile and their teeth. One way of doing this is by visiting a dentist in Mt. Vernon and learning about cosmetic dental veneers. Every day, more and more dentists are realizing just how cosmetic dental veneers are increasing being demanded by patients. This article will explain just what are the dental cosmetic veneers how and how they can work to improve your smile.

Cosmetic Dental Veneers are custom made for your teeth specifically. They come in different thicknesses, anywhere from a half of millimeter to one millimeter. What is great about cosmetic dental veneers is that they come in a variety of materials such as acrylic, resin, or porcelain; the costs will depend on the type of material you wish to have for your veneers.

Cosmetic dental veneers are thin facings like the shell of the enamel. They are placed directly over the front and the top of the tooth. These veneers are see-through, so they blend easily with the existing tooth, creating a look of healthy, real teeth. Many people benefit from cosmetic dental veneers such as those with cracked, crowded, worn, chipped, crooked, or stained teeth. These work particularly well for any person with gum line erosion or gaps in their teeth. Essentially, your teeth should be overall healthy and in good shape and you must still maintain the proper dental hygiene.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Damaged Dental Crowns

Mt. Vernon Dental crowns are supposed to last you approximately ten years. But it’s no guarantee—food impaction and other forces can damage and impair your dental crown’s ability to function properly.

What Is A Dental Crown?

A Mt. Vernon dental crown is a cap placed over your tooth in order to prevent further fracture or decay, strengthen a weakened tooth, and provide the means for a tooth to function properly.

Depending on your dentist and cosmetic goals, your dental crown could be made of:

· Porcelain: The most aesthetically pleasing dental crown, but is not nearly as durable, thus confining its placement to lesser used areas of the mouth

· Porcelain-fused-to-metal: Stronger and more durable than pure porcelain

· Gold: The most durable but least desired due to cosmetic concerns

How My Dental Crown Can Be Damaged?

Your Mt. Vernon dental crown lifespan can be seriously compromised if you indulge in the wrong habits. Providing the appropriate post-treatment care and being conscious of the fact that your artificial tooth will always be weaker than your real ones can go miles.

This includes:

· Not chewing on inedible objects like ice, pen caps and fingernails
· Brushing twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush
· Use a non-abrasive toothpaste
· Stop grinding and clenching your teeth. If this habit is sub-conscious, wear a mouth guard while you sleep
· Return to your dentist for frequent cleanings

Beware Of Plaque Buildup

Your dental crown will be custom designed to fit your tooth. However, the area around your dental crown where the gum meets the tooth can easily gather plaque. Use floss or specially shaped brushes to remove all plaque from this area, or you risk ruining your dental crown and gum disease.

Your Options for Dental Crowns

There are three kinds of commonly used Mt. Vernon dental crowns:


Depending on your cosmetic goals, financial restrictions, and oral health needs, you can discuss with your dentist the most appropriate route for you.


Mt. Vernon Porcelain dental crowns (also known as all-ceramic) are the most aesthetically pleasing and natural looking dental crown, as it is completely metal-free. However, there are drawbacks, such as it is not as strong or durable as its counterparts and thus should not be used in heavily used areas of the mouth.


Mt. Vernon Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are the most commonly used dental crowns today. They are more durable than pure porcelain and remain a very natural looking option. However, as time peels back your gum line, more of the metal collar will show.


While not as popular as porcelain dental crowns, gold crowns are still used today under specific circumstances. For instance, if a patient grinds or clenches their teeth, gold crowns are the best route as they are more durable than porcelain options. Additionally, they provide more longevity than their porcelain counterparts.

Dental Crowns

Has extensive wear and tear damaged your tooth to the point that its functionality is compromised? Than you need to consider a dental crown. A dental crown is essentially a cap placed over your tooth to:

•Prevent further damage
•Serve as a shell for a cracked tooth
•Replace a crown
•Allow a damaged tooth to regain functionality

Do I Need A Mt. Vernon Dental Crown?

While options such as Mt. Vernon porcelain veneers are another route you can take to prevent further tooth decay or repair a damaged tooth, if excessive damage has compromised your oral health, dental crowns are your only course of action. This is because unlike other smile restoration procedures, dental crowns provide a more fortified foundation for your teeth. Instances when this is required are:

•You're the victim of periodontal disease, which would automatically disqualify you for porcelain veneers
•Grinding or clenching your teeth
•Major decay has eroded the foundation of your teeth
•Significant shape change is required to meet your goals

What's The Procedure Like?

If you experience dental anxiety, many dental offices now practice sedation dentistry to alleviate any stress you may experience. However, compared to other smile restoration options, the Mt. Vernon dental crown procedure is rather simple and non-invasive: